31 January 2011

Vertigo and Cigarettes

Recently Vertigo was on, so given that it is meant to be a big deal I thought I ought to watch it. It turns out it is pretty great. Kim Novak looks stunning throughout, the lighting is perfection and the basic principle of the story is so odd it's charming. I definitely recommend you give it a go. 

Anyway after watching it, Pete and I made Maya - previously before mentioned model friend - model for our version of a vertigo movie still. 

27 January 2011

Staying in good condition

I have had a few requests of late about my hair... 
I thought I would begin by saying - YES IT IS REAL!
I have totally virginal hair - meaning it has never had extensions, perms or dye. It has only ever been cut and thats it. I am mixed race, so I think that probably means I have a slightly different texture to my hair than most people.  It isn't the thickest, or shiniest hair I have ever seen but it is pretty good condition. 

These are my best tips on keeping your hair in good condition:

1. Dont get extensions.
I dont have extensions, nor would I, I think wigs are better for your natural hair, so if mine ever fell out - god forbid - then I would rock a wig.  Extensions tend to damage your real hair by pulling it out and breaking it close to the root. If you must have extentions, get the clip in ones, and only wear them now and then, not everyday. Think Britney Spears vs Beyonce. 

2. Remember to brush.
Like your teeth brush your hair twice a day.  It is really essential to keeping your hair from matting and breaking. 
Vanessa Jackman did a post on me and how odd I am for this twice daily habit, but I promise it is a small thing that can make a big difference. Keep your hair brush by your tooth brush and then it will all become an easy habit. I swear by the Mason Pearson brushes. 

3. Use a conditioner.
I think the best conditioners are made by Aussie, Tigi and Fudge, although when I cant get these and I am desperate I always reach for Pantene as it is stocked nearly everywhere and does what it says on the tin. I squeeze out the water from my hair after shampooing and then put the conditioner in, I rub it through the lengths and then leave it in while I wash my body. This gives it a good amount of time to sink in before I wash it out. 

4. Dont leave it in.
Most people make the mistake of not washing their hair properly.  Dont be tempted to leave any trace of shampoo or conditioner in your hair. It will not make it cleaner or softer. The chemicals will just leave a nasty coating on the hair that will stop it from being shinning and soft. 

5. Elasticizer that stuff.
I LOVE Love LOOOOVEE Phillip Kingsley products. They are expensive, so I tend to buy them when they are on offer or sale in bulk. I swear by the Elasticizer, you put it into wet hair and leave for 15 mins, and then wash it out with water followed by your regular shampoo. I also like to dampen my hair and put the product throughout, put a towel around and sleep with it in. It really changes the quality in your hair if you leave it in for that long. 

6. Dont burn that!
NEVER EVER burn your hair. What I mean is, never tong, or straighten your hair everyday, dont even do it every time you wash it.  Your hair is like your skin, it needs some alone time to breath, and if you style it all the time, it wont ever be in good condition.  Thats just a fact.  I can actually feel when I have styled my hair too much.  When I feel it, I stop and leave my hair to air dry for a couple of washes.  If you are worried about how your hair will look when its not styled, work a fun up-do or fabulous hat!

So these are the rules I abide by, I hope they help you out, and give you long shinny locks. 
Let me know if you have any fab hair tips of your own!

25 January 2011

Getting Colder

Perhaps you remember how I posted some polaroids about going to the woods and getting really cold... Well here are some shots Vanessa Jackman took of me! 

The Cardigan is vintage Max Mara, an ebay steal!

I think she is the most fantabulous photographer! She somehow always manages to make me look decent, even when I look awful, and pale and sickie... I think its because she is such a lovely person she lifts your day. I very much hope if you are around and about LFW that you have the good fortune to meet her and be photographed by her. 

The hat and poncho are both vintage.

The top ring is Kenneth Jay Lane, the bottom is ASOS.

24 January 2011

I ♥ the sales!

I recently got these Acne Admire boots in the Harrods sale, they were such a steal! I love bargains... they are the best type of retail therapy. The name of the shoes is ironic really, since they have had very little admiration from others... but Frances did, so at least they aren't universally hated.  Regardless I still think they rock. 

Hope your loving the pro-style-backdrop-photography, worked on a shoot last week and got pete to take some quick pictures of my new lovely shoes... so here you go...

21 January 2011

My Little Pony Sparkles and Shines

Ok I know no one thinks its cool anymore, but I LOVED My Little Pony when I was little, and I still think they are too cute.
So here are a few just to brighten your day.

One bored weekend, I took myself down to TKMAXX and I found myself purchasing this paint-your-own My Little Pony set.  The boyf, our friend Mawsea and me then spent a totally obsessed evening painting them - surprisingly enthralling, dont judge till you try - ... 
We have never been able to decided whose was the best so I open it to you...
Please vote: Purple
                    and feel free to have a guess which is mine!

20 January 2011

Follow Me!

I so want one of these Alexander McQueen rugs! They are soo beautiful - and soooo expensive!
Forgot to say you can follow me on twitter if you fancy too!
Just click HERE!

19 January 2011

How to make your very own leopard

I am a huge fan of fun nails... although only in the kitsch/chic way - not the air-brush glitter glue way.  
So here is one of my favourite DIY nail tricks...

Leopard alla WAH nail salon.

Step. 1. Always use a good base coat.  I like Essie Protein Base Coat. It stops your nails colouring from polish and it makes the nail varnish last longer chip free.

Step 2. Paint your nails with a the first colour.  For leopard you need to choose three colours. I like to pick colours within a theme... for example here I have done snow leopard. 

Step 3. Now you need to spot on your second colour... I like to do three or four blobs per nail of different sizes - depending on the size of your nail.  It sounds odd but it can be quite thick - like you can see below - and you need to make sure you leave gaps, do not cover the whole nail in blobs, as the third colour needs room too! 

Step 4. Then you need to give your nails a little time to dry before the next stag, not forever just so they aren't wet wet - sticky is fine.

Step 5. Take your third colour and literally wrap the other blobs in uneven lines, do not try to be neat, this is a free hand situation, just go with it, a little bit of shaky hand can actually help the result. If you don't think your going to be able to go for it with a standard brush you can always buy a nail pen which makes the whole process much easier, its like doodling. They are available in most beauty shops now, or in London try Sally Beauty and Accessorize.  You can also do some just plain bobs in the third colour.

Step 6. As you can see the nails are quite lumpy at this stage, don't worry at all thats fine and to be expected. Just use a good topcoat and it will fill out and flatten perfectly.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Seche Vite, it really is fabulously good. I like to double topcoat.  I think you get a longer lasting better looking result.

The same process can be applied to any kind of combination you like.  The addition of 'special' nail varnishes can make very exciting results.
See my gold leafie type below... in stages and everything! 

Good Luck decorating kids! x

18 January 2011

Sticky Fingers

OK so I never want to condone illegal activity but occasionally you go to your mothers wardrobe and you see something you just have to have!!! The feeling of sticky fingers comes over you and before you know it you have grabbed the before mentioned item and fled!!!! AHHHhhhh RUN FASHION THIEF!!! RUN RUN RUN!
So this was my most recent in a shamefully long list of sticky fingers 'purchases'... My mothers fabulous chunky cardigan. 

It is one of those items that is just so wonderfully extravagant that you can only really enjoy it if you didnt pay for it - and therefore fully understand the cost per wear ie. do not rip, spill, stain value!  The knit is really loose and although at first it seems a bit ruff, the longer you wear it the softer it gets. 

It has huge batwing sleeves and this cute detail that the cuffs are split like a shirt at the ends. 
Plus is has the bonus of not being the kind of wool that leaves fluff on everything - its so annoying why can't modern technology cure this problem, cream fluff all over my black coats is a constant pain in my behind! - it is dark too so it doesnt matter so much. 

Here I am wearing it with suede over-the-knee boots I got in Venice this summer, JBrand jeans - I know they are expensive but I swear by their durability and fit, it is money well spent -,Hermes H belt, Zara blouse - its prehistoric and I wish I had bought two at the time because it is fab with lace and chiffon bell sleeves! -, the fur scarf was a christmas gift from my lovely Auntie Jec - THANK YOU!!! -, the hat was a steal at £10 from TKMAXX, and finally the topic of this post... the cardigan is from Few and Far. 

Oh also just for fun, this is Mr Piggy that lives in the field these photos are taken near.  Don't you think he is so ugly he is beautiful... it has gone full circle!
Happy Sticky Fingers kids... just remember return in the condition you found it and Run Run Run! 

Photographs by Pete Navey

17 January 2011

14 January 2011

Swimming Up Stream with Swans

This weekend I will be spending educating my film eye - and fashion taste in disguise - going to see Black Swan
Following up The Wrestler, Darren Aronofsky has looked at another physical industry, but one with a far more romantic character. This film is a double play on the ballet it focuses around, Swan Lake.  Swan Lake is about the white swan princess - Odette - who is betrayed by her prince when he confuses her enslavers daughter - the black swan, Odile - for Odette, mistakingly declaring his love for Odile to his court and enslaving Odette forever.
In Black Swan Natalie Portman's character plays out this dual personality along with the challenges of a girl becoming a woman, through a neurotic paranoia that is caused by the obsession of her part as the prima in the company's production of Swan Lake. Already Oscar tipped, I cant wait to see if this film lives up to its incredible hype. 

The Costumes for the films ballet scenes were design by Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte.  If like me you are fans of Miss Portman then you will know this is a label much loved by the actress for her red carpet wanders, and happily it seems she wears this costumes as well as she does their gowns - as you will see below!